CO2 Surgical Laser

Concerned About The Discomfort of Surgery?
We know how you feel. We have pets too.
We at Community Animal Hospital have always made great efforts to lessen the discomfort of pets who are undergoing surgery. Now, with new technology we can do even better.
We have recently invested in an Aesculight Carbon Dioxide Laser, the most up to date technology for surgeries. This same tool is used in human medicine but has been adapted for use on animals.
Laser surgery makes your pets discomfort much more manageable for several reasons:
-SEALS NERVE ENDINGS! Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve ending so there is very little pain when they wake up.
-SEALS BLOOD VESSELS! Lasers also seal blood vessels as they cut so there is usually no need for bandaging after surgery.
-SEALS LYMPHATIC VESSELS! Lasers seal the lymph vessels in the skin, which nearly eliminates any swelling after surgery.
-A "NO TOUCH" DELIVERY SYSTEM! Lasers cut without touching which eliminates much of the trauma associated with standard techniques.
-MORE PRECISE! Lasers allow the surgeon to be able to perform surgery with more precision.
Faster Recovery! The usage of the CO2 laser for surgery will speed up the recovery of almost any surgical procedure. Pets undergoing laser surgery generally recover faster with fewer side effects. Less bleeding, less pain, and less swelling allow for this faster recovery. We are attempting to adapt laser technique to as many procedures as possible. To find out whether your pet's elective surgery can be done with laser, please ask any of our staff or your pet's doctor.
The Cost for Laser Surgery? Yes, it does cost a little more. However, with the improvement in recovery time and the reduction of side effects, the overall expense may not be that much different. The laser option fees vary, depending on the type of elective surgical procedure, please inquire. We encourage you to educate yourself about this significant advance in technology!